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> [Commento] - Vdub 1.5.2 e VdubMod
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[u]Virtualdub 1.5.2

Build 16188 (Version 1.5.2):          [April 30, 2003]

  [features added]

  * Converted help from WinHelp to HTML and updated dialog

    help to current feature set.

  * Added frame rate conversion to arbitrary frame rates.

  * Added logging to report non-fatal warnings during


  * MPEG parser detects and reports timestamp


  * Added limited error concealment capabilities to input


  * Optimized audio filters a bit and added tap count

    control for lowpass, highpass, and resampling filters.

  * Added "new rate" audio filter to relabel an audio

    stream with a new sampling rate without resampling.

  * Incomplete audio format headers that are rejected by

    ACM MP3 codecs are automatically fixed with the

    required fields (the infamous "tag 0055" problem).

  * Added workaround for AVI1 files with MP3 audio being

    detected as MP3 files by Windows Media Player 8.

  [features removed]

  * Removed coach dialogs.  Not helpful enough and too

    outdated to maintain.

  [bug fixes]

  * Fixed capture free space indicator being limited to 4GB

    under Windows 98 (regression in 1.5 series).

  * Fixed crash when job queue could not be flushed to


  * VDFs that contained multiple filters were only showing

    the last filter in the library (regression in 1.5


  * Fixed crash when attempting to direct copy a video

    stream with an abnormally large BITMAPINFOHEADER (>16K).

    Added code to detect and correct such mistakes.

  * Fixed hang in audio filter graph editor when placing

    output filter with autoconnect on and no place for it

    to attach.

  * Fixed livelock at end of operation when lowpass/

    highpass audio filters were in use.

  * Fixed internal error when attempting to start an

    incomplete audio filter graph (unconnected pins).

  * Fixed garbage wLanguage/wPriority values being written

    to audio AVI track headers when converting an MPEG-1


  * Fixed crash when attempting to load an AVI stream with

    an invalid sample rate (zero or infinite).  Added code

    to guess and substitute a reasonable value.

  * Fixed small memory leak in "smoother" video filter.

[u]VirtualdubMod 1.5.1


- Converted all my stuff to 1.5

- Since Averys error scan works now I ditched my version.

- Menu reorganisation pending till everything else is in

- I just commented guiMessageBox functions, so some error notifications

don't work. Also coulndt figure out how to work with the Changlog

filename resource.

- Assimilated Tdll.h from ffdshow. It provides a class for dll loading.

Also prepared AviSynth filtering inside VDubMod with a Object

encapsulation avisynth.dll

- Included fccHandlers MPEG2 mod (Chris wanted a binary, so I added it;p)

AC3 support is enabled


- Rewrote the MP3 & AC3 import parts which are now used in both AVI (previously

using Nandub code) and OGM menu. The new code has some features to 'handle'

corrupted data (you can throw or keep those data; if kept the code will treat

those data as audio frames and try to prevent audio desynchronisation). Nb :

* when opening an MP3 file that appears to be VBR you will be asked what

to do (as for AVI)

* this new code seems to fix some out of synch issues reported concerning the

use of 'MP3 (CBR) audio'

* this code also store various information concerning the structure of the

file but should take far less memory than the one previously used in the

OGM menu, especially for the AC3 part

- Started merging of AVI 'Audio' & 'Audio2' menu with the 'OGM' one. This should

allow to have more than 2 audio streams in an AVI, and will make my life easier

(I hope) in the future :p. All streams 'vital' information are now accessible

in the new 'Streams' menu. This includes a list of all available streams (except

main video of course) and accessiblity to specific settings of each stream such

as interleaving, filters, compression, comments, chapters, ...

The 'Audio' menu features are accessible for each audio stream in the list by

right-clicking on the concerned stream (popup menu).

You can choose which audio stream in the available streams you want to preview.

Keep in mind that audio specific options (filters, compression, ...) generally

requires the audio to be decompressed, so before using those features please

be sure you have such a decompressor, or that the audio is already PCM.

- Removed the 'Audio' menu since its options are now accessible for each audio

stream in the 'Streams -> Stream list' window. This also means that there is no

more audio mode (None/AVI/WAV) since you can add / remove / enable / disable

available streams in this window.

Also removed 'Save WAV' since it is available in the same window.

- The 'FourCC' field in the AVI 'File information' now show the FourCC (4 letters)

and the name of the correspondant codec. Added an equivalent for the audio with

the 'Tag' field that show the wFormatTag value of the audio (hexadecimal value)

and the correspondant codec.

The name of the codec is taken from the Codecs.ini file that contains a list of

known video / audio codecs (this file comes from TCMP, I thank its developpers

for their good player, having made this file and letting us use it ).

- Removed the 'Audio2' fields in the DubStatus window. The 'Audio' fields now show

the state of the first muxed stream (i.e. not necessarily the first audio stream

of the opened file in case you moved it to another place). The projected filesize

take into account all the muxed streams though.

- Comments in AVI are now loaded (in the video comments list) when opening a file.

- Added a bit of Unicode in the 'Streams' menu. This is only available for Windows

that handle Unicode natively (i.e. it isn't available under Win9x).

You can open external sources which name is in Unicode (well this is not really

useful for the moment since you can't do the same when opening the main source).

All comments and chapters strings should be in Unicode (note that AVI comments

are translated to the ANSI code page; same happens for OGM that doesn't seem to

handle Unicode).

- Added some code to try handling ASCII/UTF8/Unicode SRT files automatically (worked

with an ASCII SRT file and its Unicode equivalent generated by SubResynch).

Note that currently OGM doesn't seem to handle Unicode subtitles so they are

converted to the default ANSI code page.

- Added the 'Set keyframe on chapters' feature in the 'Tools' menu.

- Added DTS (14 bits format not supported) as possible source format.

- Added a new tab ('Audio') in the preferences. This let you access :

* the default preload (in ms) for audio streams

* whether or not the preload must be disabled when not saving to AVI

* the mimimum number of audio frames to pack in a block

* whether or not you want to keep corrupted data (in MP3 / AC3 / DTS files)

- You can't 'Save WAV' / 'Demux' a stream and call another time 'Save WAV' / 'Demux'

or 'Delete' on any stream anymore. Will prevent some of you to play too much and

make crash the program this way :p

- AC3 is now decoded thanks to liba52 when using 'Full processing mode' or previewing.

Multichannel streams are converted to 'Dolby surround compatible stereo'.

- Added another option in the 'Audio' preferences. This let you use Priss (VirtualDub

internal Mpeg audio decoder) instead of an ACM codec when decoding MP3 streams.

There may be some bugs (in the way I use it, not in Priss ), but it seems this

decoder works better than ACM for MP3 VBR streams  

- Added a new 'Streams' tab in the dubbing status window. This tab show you the status

of all the streams being muxed, on the contrary to the 'Main' tab that only show

you the status for the video and the first stream (generally audio) being muxed.

- Fixed (I hope) the bug with the About box.

- Now use the Corona library to handle other image formats. BMP and TGA are handled

by VirtualDub internal routines, and PNG / JPEG / GIF / PCX are decompressed

on-the-fly to BMP thanks to Corona when opening an image sequence. You can save

image sequences to BMP, TGA (handled by VirtualDub) or PNG (handled by Corona).

Note that Corona only support PNG output (no BMP, TGA, JPEG, GIF or PCX).

- Added 2 items in the 'Video' menu to let you take snapshots of the input or output

video and save the image to a file (BMP, TGA or PNG format).

- Added a 'Report' item in the 'Streams' menu. This show you a short report on all

current sources opened (main information on the stream, plus some additional).

- Enhanced a bit the Ogg/OGM import filter so that it can still open (and try to

correct a bit) badly corrupted files (files that would give you an 'Invalid Page'

error and wouldn't open in previous versions). The program also try to artificially

(i.e. no real data are inserted, only time indexing is modified) 'compensate' for

lost data (in order to minimize audio/video out-of-sync).

- Vorbis streams are now decompressed when in Preview mode or when using the

'Full processing mode'. Only the first 2 channels are rendered for multichannel

streams though.

- Merged 'Save as AVI', 'Save old format AVI', 'Save segmented AVI' and 'Save as OGM'

in a unique 'Save As' box (you select the format to which you want to save, the

last you chose being remembered, and you can decide to save in old format AVI or

to segmented files when available).

This new 'Save As' window remind you (and let you change) the current video mode

(Direct stream copy, ...) and the selected video compressor (when recompressing).

Thanks to sysKin for the idea and a layout example of this 'Save As' box  

- Added the possibility to segment the output OGM file (in 'Save As' box).

- Fixed a bug allowing chapters belonging to masked subsets to be kept.

- You can now demux subtitles to an ASCII / UTF-8 / Unicode SRT file (ASCII or

Unicode being choosed by default depending on the type of the input).

- Added a new 'Main' preference : the default Video mode. You can now choose in

which mode (Direct stream, Fast/Normal recompress, Full processing) start VDubMod.

- Updated the available Language list (Stream comments) to follow the ISO-639-1/2

standards. By default languages defined in ISO-639-1 are listed; other languages

(ISO-639-2) can be accessed thanks to a checkbox. If a known language is selected

the output format (e.g. OGM) will take into account the standard (English Name /

3 letters code / 2 letters code if available). (information on ISO-639 can be

found at [url=""][/url]

You can still use user-defined languages (and overcome the standard) ...

Nb : as you can imagine all this implied a lot of changes in VirtualDub and

VirtualDubMod sources ... which means there may still be a lot of bugs ...

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