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> Avisynth 2.5.5 Finale
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messaggio 2 Sep 2004 - 22:44
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Le cose insteressanti sono veramente tante, per questo frameserver gratuito che permette utilizzare strumenti e filtri di livello professionale.

  • Added TCPDeliver, which enables video to be served via local network.
  • Added a huge list of ColorPresets, that can be used instead of colors (which can be found in the plugins folder: colors_rgb.avsi).
  • Added: BlankClip now has color_yuv, that allows setting and YUV color for YUV clips.
  • Added AssumeFPS(clip1, clip2 [, sync_audio=true/false]) (stickboy again)
  • Added audio=true/false to SelectRangeEvery. This will optionally also cut up audio according to the select. Default: true.
  • Added Turn180()
  • Added FrameRateNumerator() and FrameRateDenominator() as clip properties.
  • Added AudioLenghtF() as clip property.
  • Added IsAudioFloat() and IsAudioInt() as clip properties.
  • Added experimental "after_frame=true/false" to ScriptClip.
  • Added FOURCC parameter to AviSource by stickboy.
  • Added Lanczos4Resize().
  • Added french documentation.
  • Added float audio and multiple channels support to Dissolve.
  • Added WriteFile, WriteFileIf, WriteFileStart, WriteFileEnd. (WarpE)
  • Added dll-name prefix to plugins as per
    • Syntax is DLLNAME_function(), where DLLNAME is the filename of the dll containing the function.
  • Added automatic audio cache.
  • Added CPU stuff to Info().
  • Added automatic audio cache.
  • Added GeneralConvolution divisor.
  • Added audio cache after EnsureVBRMp3Sync.
  • Added dotted lines at zero levels to view bias in Histogram(mode="stereo").
  • Added TimeStretch(). This filter can change speed of the sound without changing the pitch, and change the pitch of a sound without changing the length of a sound.
  • SSRC now has aligned data (slightly faster and SSE ready).
  • Added MMX optimizations to Overlay mode lighten+darken with opacity=1.0, with no mask.
  • Added SSE float to int audioconversion.
  • Added 3DNOW! optimizations to sample-type conversions int to float, and float to int. Much faster.
  • Added faster MMX to Invert by ARDA.
  • Added RGB24, YUY2 and YV12 MMX Invert() function.
  • Added MMX/ISSE chroma convertion to Overlay with YV12 input.
  • Added MMX function for Overlay(mode="blend"), when a mask is used and opacity = 1.0.
  • Removed unneeded DevIL components
  • Fixed: DirectShowSource properly releasing filters on unload.
  • Fixed: ImageReader/ImageSource flipped error messages and info overlay.
  • Fixed MergeLuma not always updating properly.
  • AssumeFPS: Added sanity check to ensure that denominator isn't zero.
  • Fixed Loop() when called with no video (stickboy)
  • Fixed error not being thrown in Conditionalfilter on an invalid operator.
  • Fixed crash on certain resolutions in Resize.
  • Fixed linecount on multiline strings (Bug ID 989276]
  • Fix VideoFrameBuffer cache corruption
  • Fixed VideoFrameBuffer cache corruption during "Plan C" memory recovery.
  • The problem with ApplyRange/Animate?'s inability to use functions that take no additional arguments should be fixed.
  • Removed overflow bug in ssrc upsampler.
  • Fixed Audio cache crash if no audio.
  • Cleaned up ApplyYV12 in textoverlay.
  • Fixed float audio in Dissolve.
  • Fixed audiobits clip properties now returning bits and not bytes.
  • Fixed ConditionalReader inaccuracies on integer interpolation.
  • Fixed Mask() problem with footage with different pitches.
  • Subtract now clamps errors instead of overflowing.
  • Added specific (and simpler) stereo mode to TimeStretch - no more drifting.
  • Made ISSE YUY2 HorizontalReduceBy2() more "safe".
  • Fixed missing plane in TemporalSoften.
  • Corrected some quirks in TemporalSoften scenechange on artificial sources.
  • Fixed IsParityKnown() in avisynth.h - thanks to stickboy.
  • Random in scalemode is not returning limit value - thanks you stickboy!
  • Fixed: Trim audio could crash, if sample types were different.
  • Fixed crash-on-exit in SSRC, if rateconversion was skipped.
  • Fixed one frame missing in TemporalSoften.
  • Fixed Trim audio crash if sample types were different.
  • Fixed crash-on-exit in SSRC, if rateconversion was skipped.
  • Fixed chroma moving half a pel in Overlay with YV12-input mode.
  • Fixed minor glitches in audio cache (out of range requests)
  • DirectShowSource now requests interlaced material to avoid internal (crappy) WMV9 deinterlacer. (Thanks to Russel Lang)
  • ImageReader/ImageSource now accepts relative paths in all configurations.
  • Adjust audio length in SelectRangeEvery to match new video length.
  • Updated installer.
  • ImageReader: tweaked default parameters.
  • ImageReader: made ColorBars parameters optional (like docs claim!)
  • ImageReader: No more "Image not in range". First frame is ALWAYS frame 0.
  • Updated SoftWire codegenerator to latest version.
  • ImageReader: Static image support, Floating-point FPS, aliased to ImageSource, frames automatically flipped when necessary.
  • ImageWriter: Optional "info" parameter to show filename.
  • ImageReader / ImageWriter: All errors returned as text clips.
  • AviSynth will longer resize to non-mod4 widths in YV12 mode!
  • Dissolve can now handle audio input with different sample types.
  • Dissolve now checks if samplerates are the same.
  • Trim/Dissolve: Better error reporting.
  • Updated DevIL libs; removed unneeded DevIL components; improved error reporting in ImageReader / ImageWriter.
  • Updated Overlay(mode="multiply") to work more logical. Old functionality is no more!
  • Updated Overlay(mode="multiply") to work more logical. Old functionality is no more!
  • Updated DevIL libs
  • Improved error reporting in ImageReader/ImageWriter.
  • DirectShowSource() is now a plugin, and is automatically placed in the plugin directory by the installer.
  • Disabled avisynth_c plugin autoloading (no longer a compatible way to do so).

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